Highlands Cinemas

Spring Message 2023

Here we go again, and another year older!! The Theatre is now 44, not to mention I will be turning 76…ouch!! Lets hope this year Hollywood gets its act together and figures out the future of movies is in Theatres, not streaming, at least if they plan on making any money. There are additions to the displays coming this season, and we will finally get the food back on line at the end of June. On the cat front we lost Kristoff to heart disease at 8 years, and gained a few, which you can see in the Cat Galleries. The City of Kawartha Lakes finally stepped up with $25,000.00 for a long overdue TNR programme which frankly is a drop in the bucket given the depth of the problem. Only the City of Kawartha Lakes could give money for a volunteer project then claw back $5,000.00 for the Bureaucrats to administer it, certainly raises the question why they are not donating their time!!!!!! The reason there are stray cats on every corner is too many irresponsible cat owners who don’t spay and neuter and keep their pets at home. The only way to fix this is to restrict pet ownership to responsible pet owners, but it frankly will never happen. Politicians never ever pick the smart thing to do! People who come in the summer often wonder about the Jungle and if we know what a weed eater is. We deliberately grow the jungle to give shade and privacy to the cats and confuse the newcomers…it sure seems to work.

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