Highlands Cinemas


Well here we are again looking at another season, our 40th year, how time flies.

It was the winter from Hell, ice everywhere so I decided to take my steels off so I could fall and break my ankle and spend 12 weeks sitting around with my foot up. Luckily I was able to find someone to come in and feed the cats.

The day after I broke my ankle someone dumped a cat carrier upside down in the drive. As we are at limit and beyond with 42 cats, it had to be surrendered to the Kawartha Lakes Humane Society.

There was considerable ice damage to the building this winter, so some areas will be late opening this year. We will open May 3rd. We had hoped to open April 26th with the new Avengers, but there are too many problems to deal with. Avengers will open as soon as we can get a copy off release.

Hoping to see you at the movies.


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